Environmental Impact Assessments

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) can be described as a systematic process to identify alternatives to and the potential positive and negative impacts of both a proposed activity and the feasible alternatives on the environment (biophysical, socio-economic and cultural).

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Urban Greening

Urban forests can provide many environmental, social and economic benefits to society. The reduction in vegetative cover in these areas not only results in a lower biodiversity, but also seriously lowers the ability of the natural environment to buffer pollution in the urban areas

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Tree Nursery

We started a small indigenous nursery, mainly to supply our own projects, but since we would like to improve your environment, we decided to make some of our stock available to other like-minded people. Contact Us for a list of available species, sizes and prices. We have close to 10 000 indigenous trees to choose from in our nursery.

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Wildlife Management

Wildlife management begins as soon as an area is demarcated as a unit on a map. No development, especially that of a larger nature, should take place before the limitations and potential of the environment have been thoroughly determined. (Bothma 2002).

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